Donation Letter

The Next Level Fastpitch organization is seeking donations to cover some of the following costs we expect to incur during the 2021-2022 season.

  • Tournament Fees
  • Uniforms
  • Helmets
  • Team Bags
  • Practice Facility Rentals

This will be the 2nd year for the organization.  It consists of 8 teams currently that will play at a highly competitive level.  The age groups of these 8 teams range from 7U thru 16U.  We will play in multiple Perfect Game, USSSA, ASA and Top Gun sanctioned events throughout the course of the year.  The costs to play at this level are quite high and that is why we seek donations and support to drive the out of pocket costs down for the parents of these athletes.

Contact Logan Brammell for further directions on how to become a sponsor.

  • Phone: (785) 408-0202
  • Email:

Here are the different levels of sponsorship:

Platinum Sponsor     $500       

Gold Sponsor             $250       

Silver Sponsor            $100      

Bronze Sponsor          $50       


  • 7U Skaggs
    • Players: Finley Chabot, Hattie Konecny, Kayleana Madrid, Kinsley Cervantez, McKinlee Weir, Mya Morris, Paisley West, Poppy Hower, Skylar Carlson, Thea Skaggs, Tinley Wild, Tristin Kemp
    • Coaches: Megan Skaggs, Joey Weir, Kim Konecny, Marc Chabot
  • 10U Vasquez
    • Players: Alexa Koch, Ally Swartzman, Brynna Vasquez, Chloe Hall, Elin Herman, Elizabeth Swift, Gabby Pryer, JessiLyn Mohler, Madie Carey, Morgan Richmeier, Mya Bledsoe
    • Coaches: Brian Vasquez, Chris Carey, Stephen Swartzman, Corey Richmeier
  • 10U Brammell
    • Players: Addie Hart, Ava Hauschel, Berkley Hubbell, Brinnley Morris, Brooklyn Becker, Hadley Zeller, Jasey Tyson, Kinlee Willard, Paitynn Irby, Taryn Brammell, Jaden Messer
    • Coaches: Logan Brammell, Jason Tyson, Lindsey Poertner, Amber Hart
  • 12U Duran
    • Players: Allie Hamilton, Brynn King, Callie Simonsen, Harlie Tenbrink, Mary Libel, McKenna Shipp, Mia Carpenter, Natalia Carey, Peyton Vasquez, Rayleigh Alonso, Zoie Duran
    • Coaches: Aaron Duran, Chris Carey, Geoffrey Alonso, Brian Vasquez
  • 12U Moss
    • Players: Alexis Clemens, Avery Lonnberg, Emberly Connell, Emily Dominguez, Emma Matthews, Eva Joyce, Jayda Brown, Saniah Moss
    • Coaches: Mekan Moss, Desi Miller, Eric Connell
  • 12U Brammell
    • Players: Addy Carrier, Clara Morgan, Haven Ellenburg, Kailyn Claypool, Olivia Koch, Raeliegh Blevins, Savanah Wende, Taylor Brammell
    • Coaches: Logan Brammell, Bo Blevins, Chad Wende, Lindsey Poertner
  • 14U Gragert
    • Players: Aubrey Hamilton, Emily Peterson, Janelle Creager, Kaelyn Fisher, Kate Wagner, McKenna Harris, Natalie Moore, Noelle Barajas, Panno Wahwassuck, Sydney Moss, Taylor Swygert
    • Coaches: Kelly Gragert, Charles Peterson
  • 16U Duran
    • Players: Addalyn Sleichter, Ally Steiner, Anna McLaughlin, Athena Broaddus, Ava Esser, Emma Duran, Grayson Florence, Kinley Stones, Sammy Klotz, Shaley Cobb, Tyjha Henderson
    • Coaches: Aaron Duran, Ranell Sleichter, Jeff Steiner, Bruce Broaddus